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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

An 'Otterly' Delightful Spring Day


For lack of something to write about I thought I'd share this photo Dave took the other day of these two furry creatures. He was driving past some open water on the edge of the lake where they were frolicking and having a good time! Otters are playful by nature and when Dave stopped to photograph them they perched on the edge of the ice and gave him some stares as though saying "what are you lookin' at?" Dave said that when he approached them they were playing like two puppies rolling around with each other. Then they stopped to give him the once over before splashing into the water to continue their play. I've read that the otter's efficiency at catching fish leaves them a lot of time to play. Carefree and full of fun they'll pick up a small pebble from the bottom of the pond, bring it to the surface and drop it. Then swim down under it and catch it on their forehead. They'll flip and turn with the pebble still on their forehead as they surface then drop it again and start all over.
It is a treat to see them here. Recently they've managed to increase their numbers in the northeastern United States where human populations had nearly decimated them in some areas. Some of this info. from (Tracking and the Art of Seeing By Paul Rezendes).

Living here in the far north lands of Wisconsin we are never too far from the wonders of nature. It seems that on every walk or drive to the local business area there are sights and displays of wild life that delight and sometimes take us by surprise. If we are attentive and take the time to stop and appreciate these wonders around us, we'll be rewarded. The more we learn and understand about the lives of others we share this planet with, the more we'll be aware of how their lives connect with and affect our own.

Thank-you for stopping by today. Thank-you too for leaving your wonderful comments in the last few days! I hope to have some Spring time rug hooking projects to share with you soon! May Spring shine her lovely face upon you and warm the little seedlings of creative energy to grow within!


  1. Oh, how lucky you are to have otters nearby! Aren't they just delightful!!!
    Here in overpopulated and over farmed south central PA wildlife really has to struggle to find a place to live.
    Thank you so much for sharing the joy of living in a place where otters may frolic!

  2. Otters in the wild, how exciting.
    We have some beaver and muscrat in our lake but no otters. I would imagine it gets to hot in the summer for them here.
    I have seen otters in the zoo and they are quite comical. Lucky to have them still in the wild.

  3. That's a wonderful thing to behold!! They looked like they were posing for the camera!! Very cute!

  4. Cathy,
    How exciting! I've only seen otters in the wild once....when I was on a float trip on a river here in Missouri....they are such beautiful and fun creatures to watch. What a blessing to see them!

  5. I love otters! They are God's little playful rascals! We have sea otters and inland, beavers, muskrats, mink, weasels but I am not sure about otters.

    Great post; made me feel that life has some beauty in it afterall.

  6. Amen! How wonderful the world would be if we all could learn to live together.

  7. Your SO Lucky to have the otters by you...We DON'T have them in this area and I truly envy you...
    One of my Most favorite animals on Earth and happy their making a come back...
    You must also be excited about ALL your amazing Luck with the Give-Aways. Wonderful for you & your Winning Streak...

    Wishing you A VERY Happy Spring...


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