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Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Magic! Finding Gold In My Wool!

I've had this strange looking wool in my stash for awhile. I inherited it from my teacher a couple of years ago. It had to be some kind of sweater or jacket. At first glance it looks rather plain but once cut into strips and hooked something magical happens. Buried inside the fibers is this metallic gold thread. When you hook it a little bit of the   gold pops through and shimmers like little stars popping through the night sky.  I've used it in several of my rugs when I need just a little bit of sparkle or magic to happen. I hope you can see a bit of it hooked in the photo above. 

I've used it in this latest rug to add a little sparkle to the night sky. You may have to study it in person to  see it as it is very subtle.  I finished the hooking of this little mat last night. My rendition of "glow" in hooking needs some practice. This is my first attempt at trying this.  Wanda Kerr so generously offered this free pattern on The Welcome Mat. I modified it by elongating and narrowing the pattern. I used left over strips from previous rug projects. I plan to mount it on a fabric covered frame like I did the Funky Birch Tree rug. 

I enjoy doing these smaller mats.  My time is limited with caring for Mom so these little mats go quickly.I learn something new with each one and my patience isn't tested quite so much as working on a larger rug.  Of course once I start a rug my inner wild woman takes over and keeps me up till 3:00 A.M. That has always been my favorite time to work in my studio.


  1. Cathy ~ I LOVE your rug and always love a little sparkly wool! You are a speedy hooker for sure!! Wanda should be very happy with your rendition of her pattern!!

  2. Great rug. It reminds me of a large one Corinne did last year. I love seeing how different wool can look when its hooked. What a treat to find some sparkle in unexpected places.

  3. Thanks for checking in on me Cathy! Love the new mat, and can definitely see little sparkles in the picture. I guess I will do the little mat of the wingback chair....I haven't hooked in about two weeks and it's really starting to call to me.....


  4. Love your new little rug and I love the colors. I think the tree is fabulous. I want to hook a tree like that, I love it.

  5. Looks good Cathy! I love the Tree. I can't believe it is finished - girl you are FAST!

  6. Great job Cathy! I was wondering how your mom was doing and you too, of course.

    Winter has been good, no-great for us on the East Coast and wood is holding out. I even washed the two trucks on the weekend..but cold now and snowing.

    Best wishes always,


  7. That is a nice Rug Pattern, I also like the new Blog Banner you changed



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