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Monday, December 7, 2009

Breathing Deeply This Season

Close your eyes for a moment. Take a deep breath. The kind you can feel to the bottom of your lungs that makes your ribcage expand outward. How does it feel? Now breathe out.....slowly slowly......
I'm doing this on my end today. Trying not to let the seasons thrills, chills, ills, and emotions sweep me away!
If it's not one thing it's been something else around here. Mom has moved, not without issues. A broken elevator in the complex she moved into resulted in a few trips to the Doctor yet again. The most recent being this A.M. Her apartment is on the third floor so four flights of steps can be a lot and evidently too much even though we took them ever so slowly.
Day by day, breath by breath.
I've been thinking that all I want for Christmas this year is Christmas. Christmas at home and not in the hospital. Wouldn't that be grand!
I've decided to share a few photos of things around the house again. Things I take comfort in. Simple things, not too complicated.
Take special note of the old old pincushion with the red calico and childrens pictures that looks like it was probably made by a child. Made for Mom from an old greeting card. I have collected old pincushions for a number of years. This is my most favorite one!
Breathe deeply......exhale slowly........



  1. Aaaah, that was nice! Very relaxing. Just how I love Christmas; quiet, serene, with a warm fire and snow falling gently outside.
    And lovely old treasures that bring joy to life.
    Thanks, you made my day!

  2. Love that tall snowman! And thanks for the relaxing reading.

  3. Thanks for a few of your favorite things and the reminder to breath and your encouraging words as I make a thing a day ! You are a blessing !

  4. I did my breathing, and then so enjoyed your photos. What a nice surprise when it suddenly started to snow!

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