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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Birthday Girl Blues

I'm digging through old family photos today. Today is kinda special. December 22nd, my birthday. My Dad's birthday was Dec. 20th. We always shared one birthday cake. Mom got away with only making one cake for our combined birthdays! Just kind of teary eyed today.


  1. Happy Birthday to you, Cathy! And a big warm Hug!!!
    You look a lot like your father.
    Hold on to the happy memories.

  2. Very sweet picture, especially with the falling snow. And I love your banner!


  3. What a nice remember Cathy sharing a Birthday Cake, and O how I love cake! Sweet new Logo at the top of your Blog page, hehehe


  4. Merrie Birthday Wishes to you Cathy...and Wooly Hugs, too!

  5. Happy Birthday to you Cathy.
    Beautiful memories sometime do bring tears that cleanse your soul.
    Love the dogs on the banner, they are having so much fun.

  6. Happy, Happy Birthday Cathy. My step daughter's birthday is in December and we always make sure that her birthday and Christmas are two separate occasions!

    Again, it has been great having you as my blogging pal and maybe one day, I will get to Wisconsin or you will get to Newfoundland!

  7. Hope you had a wonderful Birthday and you enjoy the upcoming Holidays.

  8. Oh My Gosh...Happiest Of Birthday's to you Cathy...
    I wonder if you received Birthday Presents AND Christmas Presents too!!!
    That's such a Delightful Photo of you and your Dad, this time of year I believe we ALL get a bit Melancholy, I know I sure do!!!

    I hope everything goes alright with your Mom for Christmas, I know you'll worry, BUT maybe she'll beable to stay in her apartment...
    I wish you the Strength for the Holidays & the courage to survive it!!!

    Thinking of You~

  9. Forgot to say also such a 'GREAT SHOT' of your pups on your Blog Header!!! FANTASTIC...


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