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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Blog Name and the Ugly Guy in My Basement!

I've had a few inquiries since I've started this blog about the name I chose for it. My apologies for holding you at bay for an explanation. I DO have an explanation...sort of. I promise to reveal it in a future post. Julie, one of my blog followers made a comment that I just love. About the explanation being simple and deep. She has a sharp wit and her observation skills are meticulous! I love her blog called Hookworm too.

Today however I am going to reveal something about myself that may lend a clue. It has to do with this guy I found in my basement. Everytime I go down to do my laundry or get something out of the chest freezer, I take a quick gaze around. I won't be so quick to show you photos of what I see! If I had to pick one word to describe it I guess it would be.......Hmmmm...not coming to me......okay....SCARY. I could sell tickets for a freak show down there or a Halloween extravaganza in a heart beat! I'll say this....that isn't all bad. For instance, needing a subject for today's blog, my mind drew a blank. I decided to descend the basement steps(which in themselves are a subject for a future blog) and take a gander around. There under a nice pine drop leaf table I spotted something covered in cobwebs. This wooden post with a guys head carved on top. Possibly the ugliest thing I've ever seen. Why is this thing in my basement? Because of my addiction. I know from reading other blogs that there are enough of us out there to start a GSA (garage saler's anonymous) group to rival those other blank blank anonymous groups. For me, driving past a garage sale sign can bring on hot flashes and cold sweats at the same time. So rather than try and fight my addiction, I have in the past just fed it and put on the brakes. Sound familiar? Well, that is why this ugly post guy is in my basement. I don't know what I was thinking.

I've picked him up and examined him closely numerous times. Whoever carved this wonder of wonders must have had a very creative twist to his nature. Is it a likeness of someone he knew? Maybe the town cop. Maybe his uncle? Hey, you know..... he does kind of look like..... Okay, just stop it. I know I have to get rid of this thing. But it has been kind of fun to go down in the basement and pick him up from time to time and wonder things. Yea, like wondering how in the heck am I going to get rid of him! Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Heck yes! Put him on EBAY !

Well, I'll be working on that. Right now I have to check on my Mom. She is trying to bake something out in the kitchen......smells good, like cinnamon and apples.....then I have to pick up my neighbor and take her to her eye Dr. appointment. More on the ugly post guy in a couple of days!


  1. OMG I don't think I could sleep if he was in my house! LOL Since I was a lttle girl I have been scared of clowns (still!) And he is close enough. I think that will be a future blog post! You are a BRAVE woman!! Thanks for the giggle.

  2. Hmmm.... maybe he's a ship's mast? Or part of an unfinished totem pole? Either way, he IS pretty ugly! LOL You're cracking me up - and the suspense for finding out WHY you named your blog what you did, is mounting!

  3. Ahh, the mystery deepens. Love your thinking about your interesting carving. I think he is great and I agree with Gayle about the unfinished totem pole.

    Thanks for your comments. Love your blog too!!

  4. Okay, I have to tell you I would hate to meet up with this guy when I went down to do the laundry. In fact, just thinking that he was lurking beneath me would keep me up at night. It will be fun to see what happens when you list him on ebay. I think you should sell him iwth the understanding that the buyer has to disclose exactly why he/she bought it and what they are planning to do with it!

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