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Sunday, August 9, 2009

I ❤ Our Groomer!

Yesterday was one of our half-dozen trips a year to see Nancy, our beloved friend and dog groomer. We've had our boys Smokey and Max since they were eight weeks old. That was seven years ago. A couple of years ago we found Nancy our groomer. Owning Bichon Poo's, who need regular haircuts and baths, we've found that your groomer better be someone you trust and are comfortable with. Let me tell you about Nancy.

The message on her answering machine says" Howdy Do! You've reached Rustic Rover Small Pet Grooming, The Dog Dance Center, ART Gallery and Antiques, Nancy and the Backwoods Boys and home of the Dutmers! Please leave a message! WOOF!"

This is one busy dog groomer! Multi-talented, an artist, a musician/vocalist with a voice like Patsy Cline! She's running an art gallery, antiques shop, her daughter's dance studio, and her grooming business all in one charming, little building downtown Chetek, WI. A trip there is one magical adventure. A hidden treasure in a small resort town here in the northwoods. Nancy is also lead singer in a band called Nancy and the Backwoods Boys. They are popular and always on the go! Oh, I can't forget to mention she is an actress who performs regularly in the local Red Barn Theatre. Another area attraction housed in a wonderful old red dairy barn converted to a theatre. I need a nap.

Back to our grooming appointment yesterday. We were lucky to get this appointment. She had calls all morning from locals and tourists wanting to get poochy in for a trim or nail clip. Nancy took us first thing in the morning(bless her) and we arrived at the same time she did. My hubby Dave took one look at her and said to me while prying the dogs out of the car ( they don't share my enthusiasm for going there) "is that Nancy? She looks different?" Her hair was pulled back in pig tails and she had huge freckles painted on her adorable face. They were having " Crazy Days" downtown today. The shop owners dress funny to add to the carnival like atmosphere. Hubby always gets a little nervous around anything a little out of the ordinary. Relax honey, get rested up for your job to shampoo the dogs. Oh yes, another reason I just ❤❤❤ my groomer......she let's us shampoo them while we are there! That is just crazy you are saying! Yes I know! But......it saves time, the dogs don't have to sit in the drying cage thingy, and Dave gets to spend quality time with his boys. I think Nancy doesn't mind. At least she is always smiling and telling us it's fine with her! We pay her regular price and all is well. So I've added a few photo's (before my camera batteries went dead) of our day!

"Uh Oh! This place again! Do we HAVE to go in there?!!"

Isn't this relaxing honey!!

Let me clip those nails Smokey!

Max has to keep an eye on his tail at all times!

Oooh! You smell so nice!!!

All Clean! We Love you Nancy! We can't wait to go back to Rustic Rover!


  1. What cute boys! All spiffed up and ready to go out on the town.

  2. Awwwww they are so cute. I have a 3 1/2 pound silver toy poodle - Millie. What a handful - and joy!!

  3. What adorable dawgs. This is my first visit to your blog and I hope to be a more regular one. I am trying to get my creative juices flowing again as I would like to join the 10-minute challenge. Like the cats paw one you did.



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