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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Second Tuesday of the Month March Hook-In at Red House Wool Studio

And what a great day it was!  Lots and lots of projects to share and admire! 
Celeste is having so much fun with her rug she adapted from designs in Rebekah Smith's Wool Applique' Folk Art book! 

Look closer at the wools she used in the background!  Each square different! LOVE the colors in this rug! So warm and inviting!  Great job Celeste!

Nancy is showing her wool applique' blocks while Holly looks on! 

The design is from the new Wool Works magazine.
Love the colors  she chose! This is going to be gorgeous when completed! 

Allow me to introduce a newcomer to our group!  You may remember Rhonda from a few posts back! She took a wool applique' class here when we did the bunny pillow from Rebekah Smiths Wool Applique' Folk art Book.  Rhonda does these wonderful crochet bags and decided to add the wool folk art blocks to the front of them!  Wow!  How awesome they are!  What an eye for color this lady has!  She has hooked a mat from a pattern from Kathy at Red Barn Rugs also.  Rhonda certainly has a gift for handwork and design!  Hairdresser by trade but I think she should consider a career in rug and applique' design don't you!! I am so glad she has decided to join our group!  She's an inspiration to all of us!

More of her work!

She always puts her own touch on a pattern! Love the addition of the flower on the bunny!

It was a very very busy day for me today! I didn't get much of a chance to snap more photos!  The time just flies and soon everyone is heading out the door with their new woolens and supplies!
I am so blessed to have such an enthusiastic and supportive group!

I'm back to the drawing board working on a new rug design.
Put my last effort away and have learned from it I think!
This design stuff is not for the faint hearted... we all have inherited gifts and talents it just takes a lot of practice to bring them out!
So practice I must!
After seeing all the beautiful projects today I just have to get back on that bandwagon and keep trying!
Thank you all for the kind words of encouragement & suggestions! 
 I truly appreciate each and every comment! 

Stay safe and warm if you live near the blizzard in the east and southeast!
I hear you are getting clobbered!! 
Been there haven't we my friends here in WI!

The sun is shining and very little snow on the ground here.... oh and I just spotted a robin hopping in the front yard!

Cathy G


  1. What wonderful pieces you showed tonight and all ladies are very talented. Must say I love what Celeste did and don't know why I never thought of doing that myself. Her colors are WONDERUL and my cup of tea.

  2. love seeing everyone's smiling face at your gatherings! so much beauty & friendship ~ wish I could join you in person!

  3. What a great group you have there. I am part of a similar group that meets weekly in a local church, our focus is quilting. Any of the needle arts brings together like-minded souls. I do have a collection of wool applique kits and a rug kit....just haven't gotten to it yet. You inspire me! Little snow fell here in Western Pa. They had us ready for the snow of the century but it mostly flew past us. Fine with me!

  4. What a group of talented women! Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos; so inspiring.

  5. Wow! Loved all those pretty projects!
    Especially her bags!
    You keep on, you are a wonderful designer!
    Love your sharing!

  6. SO many beautiful projects and and I do love Rebekah's designs, that is a fun idea, using the designs in rugs.


  7. Everyone's projects are wonderful. Your little piece of heaven on earth. Good luck with your next design. It's already in you, you just have to bring it out.

    We are being battered by the storm and high winds tonight.

  8. Gorgeous inspiration! And , I just love seeing all your wool so neatly stacked in the background of all these pictures! Now that's inspiring;)

  9. Oh my...so much eye candy! Everyone has such amazing and wonderful projects! Thank you for sharing. I'm going make an effort to come see you when the weather gets warmer. You are blessed to have such a nice group of ladies to meet with and I'm sure they feel blessed and inspired to have you for a teacher, mentor and shop owner where they can purchase new project supplies! As for designing, not all of my ideas come out the way I thought they would so don't be discouraged. You are a very gifted designer my dear! Have a great day, Lori

  10. Wow ...everyone's projects are beautiful !!! I wish I had a group like yours to meet with , looks like so much fun . You are so lucky , being with friends who share the same hand work , so inspiring !

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  12. Rhonda outdid herself. Where did she get the horse [attern for the pillow she hooked? Love everything.

  13. What a talented group of ladies. I love each and every design.
    I bet you enjoy getting together.

  14. Thank you, thanks to all the bloggers that share pictures of hook ins, stitch ins and all other forms of craft ins. I LOVE seeing the handiwork and I especially love seeing the happy,beautiful faces of the crafters. Heart warming!

  15. What a wonderful talented group! Lucky you!

  16. Cathy,
    You attract a wonderful group of creative folks. Guess they are drawn to your magnetic personality (groan). Uses in the deep South have had the 16th warmest winter in history. No idea what that means for the summer. Thanks for sharing!

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  18. What a special visit! I love her rendition of your hug. Have a wonderful weekend.



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