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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Signs of Spring?

Well I can honestly say the only sign of Spring here in northern Wisconsin is a bowl full of wool wrapped eggs decorating the studio!
In between Dr. appointments with Mom, and other stuff I won't bore you with, there has been 
little time to think about daffodils, melting snow, warmer temps.
I have noticed the daylight hours getting a little longer.... so give me credit for that at least!

Studio-wise I've been dyeing wool, cutting up and filling the shelves with a lot of new wool and preparing for the Quilt Event coming up on April 2nd. 

Here's a little peak of some of the new colors I've been dyeing!
Looking a little like Spring if I do say so myself!

Smokey our diabetic dog had a little diabetic reaction yesterday morning so have been keeping an eye on him.  Both dogs are 13 years old now... so we have a house full of senior citizens to keep an 
eye on!  Full time job here!
Wishing you healthy days and happy thoughts of Spring!
Now if I could just get a little sign of some sort
that its on it's way!!

Cathy G


  1. Between mom and Smokey, you have your hands full. I hope things get better soon.
    Hugs :)

  2. Yes I agree with Lauren. You have your hands full.
    You can't do much more than take it a day at a time right now. I hope your mom gets better and Smokey too. Spring will be give some little signs soon I hope. Hang in there Cathy.


    1. It should be "Spring will be giving some little signs soon I hope."

    2. Thinking of you Cathy, hope Spring is on the way soon.Blessings Francine.

  3. very pretty colors!
    today I watched fat robins in the snow, looked at Easter flowers 4" high in the snow, and stood in the snow watching the clouds blow around while the heat pumped still heaved and shuttered.
    the signs are here, but winter is not quite over yet,
    hang in there!

  4. The eggs look wonderful and nice way to use spare strips.


  5. Sounds like you have a very full plate but are always looking forward.

  6. Sounds like you have a lot going on but love the easter eggs and the wool fresh out of the dye pot!

  7. Your post was a breath of fresh air. The eggs and the pretty shades of wool. Oh Spring, where are you !!

  8. Your blog has a fresh face too and looks nice. Was just looking at the pattern I purchased from you some time ago and was reminded that I still hadn't hooked it yet. Your wool wrapped eggs are a nice addition.

  9. What lovely wool colors Cathy! You are always so positive. I know how hard it is to watch our animals get older and experience health problems. I hope your Mom is getting better now.
    You have your hands full. I love your top picture. Your kitchen looks wonderful. I hope you have a lovely day.

  10. Love your eggs. How did you do them? Love the look!



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