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Saturday, January 9, 2016

It's Been Awhile~But Now There's Tile!

I was so excited when Jamie called the other day ( he's a professional tile guy) and said he had an opening to come put the subway tile on our kitchen backsplash!  I have been waiting for another person who agreed to do it but never showed up... you know how that goes.  I'm glad we got Jamie and as you can see... ummm... he was well worth the wait.! LOL! 
We talked about his teenage daughters.. one in college and one in high school. And he has a ten year old son... so he's one super busy dad.
Anyway... here is the work in progress....

I chose antique white for the grout and almost had a heart attack when Jamie started to apply it! It looked so dark!  He said it would lighten as it dried... I sure hope so!! 

Shortly after all grout was applied... those grout lines were still a little dark I thought..

Then... the weather outside turned frightful!  A winter storm and overnight the view out my kitchen window turned into a magical and beautiful sight! 

A good night to light the candles and let them glow against that new tile!  Ahhhh.. and still hoping that grout would lighten up a bit before morning.

So the kitchen BEFORE the tile went on.....

And the AFTER....

What do you think?  Was it worth the wait? 

Cathy G


  1. You bet your --- it was worth the wait! Looks wonderful. I don't think I'd like the grout and lighter, because then it would look like one massive white thing. Your kitchen is beautiful. Is that a rug between the windows?

  2. Beautiful! Well worth the wait.

  3. Definitely worth it, love how it looks. We still need to do ours, been waiting for over a year, lol.
    Bill does the work so it gets down when he has time;)


  4. Looking forward to seeing it in person :)

  5. Definitely worth the wait. I LOVE it.
    Simply a beautiful kitchen. Do you miss the orange sink ... Lol?
    Hugs :)

  6. Well worth the wait!!!
    Enjoy the beauty inside and outside.
    Hugs, Kat

  7. What a beautiful finish. Thank you for sharing! Happy New Year!

  8. Oh, so pretty, nice kitchen. Looks homey, comfortable, welcoming. Tile looks great.

  9. Just gorgeous !!
    Loved seeing you progress through your kitchen transformation.

  10. Yes worth the wait!!!!!! It is so cozy, clean and perfect Cathy!!!!
    And the views are dreamy!

  11. Absolutely beautiful kitchen and warm friendly place to be. Love the patina on your cabinets too.

  12. Its a beautiful job! I think it was worth the wait. I love how bright your kitchen is and how nice it looks. It is also so pretty outside.

  13. I think the grout color looks perfect. Just the right contrast to set off the tiles. Love it!

  14. That looks fabulous & will be so much easier to clean up.

  15. It's perfect!!!!! You'll be like that commercial where the little girl tells her mom to turn out the lights & let the new kitchen sleep. Lol. Enjoy!

  16. Oh Cathy, well worth the wait, looks so wonderful. Great job, Blessings Francine.

  17. Oh my ..... stunning! I so jealous. :~)

  18. So pretty I love it all! We have antique metal ceiling as our back splash we were able to find enough to match all the way around we wire brushed the old paint off and then repainted it white. A lot of work.
    Your kitchen is so lovely I bet you are really loving it.

  19. I love the way it came out! The grout color looks wonderful.

  20. I really like the darker grout. It adds character with the contrast

  21. absolutely stunning !!!!! I LOVE subway tile, a classic, and I like to see some grout, it defines the tile. What beautiful cabinets, range hood, and display area. Worth the wait !

  22. Love the simplicity with a touch of elegance!

  23. Definitely worth the wait! I love your tile and grout color! The grout color is gorgeous! You have a beautiful kitchen!!


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