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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Latest Hooked Rug Design! *Blackbird Sunflower Medley*

Have you ever had an idea for a rug keep nagging at you until finally you just sit down and scribble the idea on paper.... or directly onto the linen? 
Well this little design came about in that way except I knew better than to just draw it up on linen.... as more likely than not there will be someone who wants to hook it up and that would mean redrawing it on paper anyway!  
So quickly the scribble was transferred to linen and I began hooking away! 
Oh you could say there was a little reverse hooking going on... LOL!  For you newbies at rug hooking that means pulling out your loops and hooking again... something that becomes second nature to most of us!
Well finally... the design took shape!

My sunflower's petals in the top left corner of the rug are hooked with the same background wools. It gives the hint of petals without being filled in with a color.... not adding as much "weight" to that corner as if  I had hooked in say a sunflower color! 
Something I discovered worked after fussing and fighting with too much going on in this small sized mat.
It measures 10 by 15 inches and I rounded the corners.
I left the sunflower petals in the lower left corner open too and by not filling them in with color I felt it gave more of a lacy appearance and lightness to the design! 
So there you have it!
A new little dittie you may choose to hook!
If so I have the PAPER PATTERN all ready to go and you can find it in my Etsy shop.
Look in the upper left corner of the blog and click on pattern!
Takes you right to Etsy and the listing!

Lots of things going on here late in July!
The girls will be coming to hook again on August 11th(second Tuesday)... our regularly scheduled hook-in for each month.
It sounds like we will have some new folks joining us this time!
Can't wait!

If you are in the Rice Lake area maybe vacationing and would like to join us... just give me a shout!
We'd love to have you!!

Thank you all so kindly for your continued support of me and my little rug hooking design business!
Hopefully I can get another one out of the old noggin' and onto linen soon!!

Cathy G.


  1. Wow! This is beautiful! I love that you did the petals in the background colors too...it does make the bird pop! Keep designing...you are doing swell.

  2. Love your wool colors. Great design.

  3. Cathy, your designs are delightful and so pleasing to the eyes. They are not heavy if you know what I mean. Thy are fun and light-hearted. I'm no expert but every time i look at your designs, this is the feeling I get.

    Good luck with your new design. It's a winner.

  4. The rug turned out wonderful. Glad you made a pattern, hope it sells well for you.

  5. I love how you kept the design "light".
    Your new design is beautiful!

  6. I love the pattern and how you hooked it! And yes, I have had a design swirl in my head until I did something with it. I wrote a blog about it too! Your work is beautiful!

  7. Great little pattern. You done good, girlfriend.
    Hugs :)

  8. Just a great pattern as always. You have been busy designing I have been busy with nothing.

  9. Such wonderful creative designs - I love them

  10. I love your colors Cathy!. . . but then I always do. : )


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