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Monday, June 15, 2015

More Kitchen Remodel... Before & After!

Do you remember the before?  The other half of our galley style kitchen with the old lower cabinets that we decided to keep and refurbish a bit. 

Here's the after!  Here's what we did..
Painted the cupboard a deep greenish brown,
Dave built a new countertop from plywood and together we put new ceramic tile on the surface. ( yes we're still married LOL!)
Added new hardware pulls and handles to the drawers and doors.
We kept the old soffit and had new recessed lighting installed. 
Then... the part that really made a huge impact ( and was my idea... we have been going back and forth through out this remodel on whose idea everthing was...  I know...we need to get a life..LOL!), the wall behind the cupboard Dave covered in 5" tongue and groove pine boards and painted them white. 
Then we had our electrician install a couple of new outlets and a switch to turn the recessed lighting on and it's almost done.
There's still some fussy trim work on the corner edge. 
Now.. I've been thinking about how to decorate that nice white wall.... an empty slate for now.
It's always good to live with it that way for awhile.
I have enough "stuff" around here that I could hang there and have thought about a shelf, but for some reason I am thinking something new and different. It hasn't come to me yet.

Any suggestions.... ideas... out there?? 

Then we moved ( with the help of some friends) the big old solid oak cupboard that was in the studio filled with wool into the kitchen! Man that thing is heavy! 
Now the microwave sits in that little cubby instead of taking up valuable counter space. In a small galley kitchen, counter space is always an issue.
But that microwave kind of bugs me now.  It looks so white and big!! Maybe I should look around for a smaller one in black and stainless.  Eventually I want to replace our fridge with a stainless steel one too. 
At least everything works! I am happy that I can cook and most importantly dye wool!!
All in time is my constant mantra!
I'm still pinching myself that I have a wonderful new kitchen!

Summer is going fast isn't it?!!  
The rains have made the weeds grow... well like weeds!!  LOL!! And you know what?  I'm just letting them grow this year!! 
Maybe a little weed soup is in order! 

Cathy G


  1. I love your new kitchen, especially the green lower cupboard.

  2. Everything looks super nice and it must feel good to have created this new masterpiece. You're better at decorating that me so I'm sure you'll come up with some finds to put on that wall. You can always flip through some kitchen magazines for ideas in the mean time.
    Enjoy your new kitchen.

  3. I love it all, the white would no bother me at, but you'll find some way to dress it up to suit you. Maybe just live with the microwave until you replace the fridge? You could change them both out at the same time.

  4. Cathy,
    Your kitchen transformation is WONDERFUL! Of course I love the antique cupboard there. Compared to me, you have lots of counter space, so you know how little I have :)
    Hugs :)

  5. Looks wonderful! The cupboard adds a lot of character to the room. Great job!

  6. Love how it turned out! I am tackling my kitchen now --just prep work cleaning out cupboards to start! I agree- you will love the look of stainless steel!

  7. Hi Cathy,
    Your new kitchen is really wonderful!!! I have looked at your new white wall over and over and what keeps coming to mind is that having those lights makes it seem like it needs to be a focal point, so I can picture an amazing hooked rug or quilt...something to soften all the straight lines and add a pop of color!! It can be your focal wall and maybe you can change out rugs or quilts seasonally!! It is away from the sink and stove so you don't have to worry that!! Something to think about!!
    No matter what you do, you will have fun!!
    Take care and happy decorating!
    Warm Hugs~

  8. WOW WOW WOW!!!!! Love it Cathy!

  9. Absolutely positively gorgeous!!! I can't think of anything to original to put on that blank wall.... maybe one of those wooden shelves that hold dough bowls? I think it's called a bowl rack... need another cup of coffee here... ;-)

  10. Oh ya Cathy, that is one beautiful kitchen. Love it!! Francine.

  11. Move your microwave to the counter with the tile and it will just disappear into the white wall which would be a good! Love your kitchen!

  12. What a beautiful job you both have done. I would suggest a large clock .... really~really large. The round type with that old eighteen hundreds look.

  13. Hey Kathy - you guys are incredible. Tiling together and still married is a huge achievement for sure. But the results are gorgeous. I liked the suggestion of a clock for that wall. Maybe you could hook one. Or put some beautiful platters on display. Otherwise, I would just bide my time till the perfect piece comes along - as we know it always does. well done!

  14. Your kitchen should be in a magazine, it's that professional looking. You and Dave (and your workmen) did a fantastic job.
    OK, time for pictures of gourmet meals!

  15. Okay, just a suggestion: floating shelves on that wall, you'd be able to place attractive items like glass jars, lean framed prints against the wall (could move them around if they are just sitting on the shelves and not attached to the wall). I'd move the microwave over to that area (it will blend in with the counter top color and wall color). Make this into a coffee bar (your water would be available directly behind you). I'd keep that hutch available for more rustic looking items (the microwave is not rustic looking... lol). Just some ideas... will be fun to see what you end up doing. Nice kitchen!

  16. It looks amazing. Great job and worth all the work in the end :)

  17. It looks great!!!! It is always so exciting to get a project done especially a kitchen

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  19. That looks really good. I just renovated my kitchen and I used https://goo.gl/hKmPFs. They did a great job.

  20. That looks like a huge improvement over the previous kitchen, well done on a job well executed. I could almost hire you guys to come and do my kitchen. Looks really professional. My father is also in need of remodel help so I will be going up to lend him a hand very soon. Pleasure reading your blogs, thank you.

    Essie Reed @ Valley Home Improvement


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