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Friday, August 1, 2014

Some of the Loot we dragged home!

If you've been reading my posts of late you know that we've been cleaning out my dear MIL's apartment after moving her to assisted living.  It was mind-blowing to realize she had so much packed into a small two -bedroom place with an attached garage.  Dave and I really had to restrain ourselves as to what we hauled home fearing we are probably the next generation of hoarders. But...there were a few things of interest to both of us that we thought we could make use of and we've hauled away a few of our own possessions to make room for the stuff we decided to keep.

So here's a few pics of some of the loot... you may get a laugh or two from our choices!
The old trunk in the above and below photo.  No clue as to the family history if any. It is in wonderful condition and still has the inside tray. What we found interesting was the labels on the outside showing Sweden as the place it was originally from.  The paper pieces that gave instructions to hold for pick-up and to whom the trunk was to be delivered are still intact. 

Our excuse for bringing it home... it makes a good end table in the man-cave in the basement!  And we can store blankets and quilts in the off season.  

A knit granny-square afghan. Hmmmmm... for some reason this caught both of our eyes and I was kind of surprised when Dave said he liked it!  I don't think his mother made this... but was probably a gift to her. 

It has interesting colors and textured yarns.  Mutually agreed upon that the back of the couch in the man-cave was a good spot to display it!

I have a weakness for old ironstone. Especially old pitchers. This one is cracked but still holds water. I think it will be a nice vase for cut flowers and for now is in the living room being admired.

This old Postmaster cigar box was interesting. I am storing my postage stamps in it for now. I really don't have a nice spot to display it so it may live here temporarily. But isn't it fun!

Now here is a piece that has family history!  An old Red Wing sponge band batter bowl! It belonged to Dave's grandmother ( his mother's mother) and almost got sold on an auction they had when his mother sold their farm.  I noticed it on the auction wagon and mentioned that it had significant value. His mother snatched it back and proclaimed it belonged to her mother and wouldn't be sold on the auction that day!  I've had my eye on it ever since.  It took us awhile to unearth it from the tons of stuff packed away in that apartment.  But I kept digging and there it was!  
I am happy to add it to a couple of other pieces of Red Wing sponge band that I've collected over the years. Notice the wooden handle on the bowl still retains most of the original blue paint.  
A treasure indeed.  And one I've waited 23 years to acquire! 

There is more "stuff"!  Sigh.....  more photos to come!

Cathy G


  1. Those trunks are wonderful. We have my Mom living with us and she has 2 trunks that my father had during the war in 1943. I dream of filling them with wool one day.

  2. Great idea Marie! I may just have to move some of my wool down to the man-cave for storage! LOL!! Cathy G.

  3. love all those things!
    the story of the bowl is priceless, and it is truly a piece of art, just love that handle and the band!
    hope to see more of your goodies, no wonder you are bringing them home!

  4. Hey, I'm not laughing over the choices you made. They are all significant and have wonderful family stories to go with them. Such great family heritage should be preserved and cherished.

  5. All great treasures. I can't wait till you show us the rest. The man den seems to be a perfect place to display the trunk and the afghan. It has special meaning to your husbandI' sure.
    Have a great weekend Cathy.

  6. I think you made very good selections and love that bowl too!!!!!


  7. Wow what great family treasures and that batter bowl is just awesome! The trunk looks great in the den and I bet the afghan will be put to good use as we head into colder months.

  8. Morning Cathy, I am loving the batter bowl too, but the history that goes with it makes it a real treasure. Nice old trunk and afghan, I also love the jug lamp that's sitting on top. Hugs Francine.

  9. Absolutely LOVE the trunk! Send it this way when you tire of it! ;-) I enjoyed the story behind that beautiful sponge band bowl too... I'm so glad she saved it! Looking forward to seeing what's more! :-)

  10. What lovely things. I have a trunk like that but not in near as good condition. It was my husband's great grand mothers. It is filled with quilts and old blankets.
    I love that bowl and I am so glad you got it. Everything is so nice. I am scared of that hoarder thing too. I know it would be very easy to do.

  11. Great choices!!! Glad that stressful time is about over. We are just starting the process with my mom. Love the sunflower rug in the header!!!

  12. LOve all the goodies!!!!! Especially the bowl!!! Sp special....

  13. Good pieces from you MIL and good memories. I pity my poor kid when they have to clear out my house.

  14. Ooooh...love that bowl with the blue handle! Well worth the wait!

  15. WOW!!! Cathy I love them all... that batter bowl, I have never seen. I am thinking it's worth, oh my lots!!! I have a covered dish... that is my only piece... Love the cabinet too! OLM

  16. Cathy,
    I am a sucker for trunks and currently have eight here at the house and a couple more in my storage unit. One is an old cedar chest that was my mom's that is now being used as a coffee table. Several others stayed with the farm when I sold it. I had used them as tack boxes and decided the new owners could probably use them. My favorite is a wonderful camel top wooden one I found driving down the road. I worked and refinished it inside and out, but can't put anything on top because of the shape.


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