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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Aftermath!

Things have settled down slightly after the whirl-wind of the quilt show this past 4th of July weekend. I'm happy to report the second day of the show was much busier than the first!  I sold a little of everything and met a group of gals who I think may be my next class of enthusiastic rug hookers!  
While at the show I was working on the rug in the photo.  My 1820 Sunflower design that I am hooking for a customer!  I was able to demonstrate and get a few loops pulled on this commissioned piece as well!  Multi tasking at it's best!
So now that the show is history....

....and my wool is stacked neatly on the shelves again here in the studio  ( you know how much of a twit I am about that LOL!) I can concentrate on a few things for Fall.
Yup... Fall!  It actually feels like Fall here in Wisconsin this morning.  It is 60 degrees with a crisp chilly breeze.  I know we are probably still in for some humid hot weather... hopefully... but there are signs of early Autumn about.  

And as you may notice... a few signs of it in my studio as well! 

A gentle reminder to stop and listen to the chimes singing in the garden in the summer breeze. 
The loons calling as they fly overhead.

I love Autumn but need to slow summers pace.  So many things yet to accomplish in the next few weeks.  Moving my 92 year old mother-in-law to an assisted living home....traveling with family to a deceased aunt and uncles inurnment in Milwaukee are but a few of the things which will keep me busy as July zips by.

Cathy G


  1. Oh, please, don't use the "f" word!!!
    I'm happy you had a better day 2 at the show.
    Hugs :)

  2. Fall is my favorite time of year. After years of living in south Florida with no seasons it is heaven in the NW. I just love pumpkins and corn stalks. Glad your second day was better with sales and future rug hookers is always a good thing.

  3. Beautiful sunflower rug, Cathy! And I love all that fall colored wool! Please send some of that 60 my way... we are high 90's with humidity today and waiting some thunderstorms... time to get stitching in the air conditioning and pretend it's fall... lol! :-)

  4. Love your sunflower design Cathy! .. and oh to be surrounded by your beautiful wool. Stay strong through your travels...

  5. Be still my heart, all that orange...heaven! Working on your flowers basket, loving it. Think I'll do one in autumn colors with pumpkins.

  6. Sounds like you had a great show. Love your latest rug. Do you happen to kknow of any rug hooking teachers in Eastern Michigan..I so want tolearn. Janice

  7. Beautiful sunflower !
    Here in Pennsylvania, the farmer's combines are in the fields, bringing in crops. So much of glorious summer to enjoy, though ;)

  8. Beautiful sunflower! So happy to hear about the sales & the new group of students! Wish I could join them : ) Sad to hear about your MIL. I pray that she settles into her new environment & will be happy there.

  9. Glad your show went well. I knew you would end up with new students.

    Oh no, not thinking of Fall already! I love it too, but wish time didn't fly by so fast. Summer needs to stay a little while yet, right???

  10. I'm experiencing a little "wool envy" looking at your nicely folded beautiful wool! My wool room needs a lot of work right now. Love your rug in progress!

    Hugs, Linda

  11. Fall is here for those who create. I'll keep my Summer a bit longer as Fall aproches, i'll be getting closer to another old birthday.

    Your sunflower rug is beautiful and I love how you so neatly and creatively show off your gorgeous wool. Warm colors in the stove warmer. Brilliant.

    I'm still without power from hurricane Arthur and I don't always have access to wifi.

  12. I so love Fall.
    Beautiful woolie love.
    Hugs to you

  13. Niezwykłe oryginalne i pełne wdzięku prace. Podziwiam z przyjemnością. Ala

  14. love your sunflower, just love the colors!
    and the hints of fall, grin!
    hope all goes well with her transition, I remember that with my Mom, such a difficult thing for her at the time.


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