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Monday, February 24, 2014

Yes Virginia.... There is an Easter Bunny!

I just had to share the cheerful and wonderful color selection that Deb Tomsheck from Ohio is using to hook my Spring Bunny pattern!  A sight for sore eyes that see  nothing but piles of white here in northern WI!  It always amazes me to see someone else's wool picks for my designs!  I love the textured wools she's using for the bunny and how it brings that little carrot chomping critter to life!  
I look forward to seeing the finish on this fun and light-hearted rug!
Thank you Deb for sharing!

You can still purchase the paper pattern to hook your own Spring Bunny!  Look for the PayPal button in the upper left corner of my blog.   As always you can email me for my address to purchase the pattern with a check by snail mail.

Where there is colorful wool there is hope!
Let not a day go by without fondling a piece!

Cathy G


  1. What a great job she is doing on your bunny. I love her colors too. It must make you feel good to see a pattern of yours being hooked like that.

  2. Love the pattern, so so sweet. Beautiful colors, great work, Francine.

  3. Hi Cathy! just checking in on you .. us too deep in lots and lots of white stuff. cant wait for the green stuff! i see i have lots of catching up to do here, i will be here awhile so am going to make tea! enjoy your day my not so far away blog friend!

  4. It is an adorable pattern hooked in all colors. Great designing girl.


  5. I love the fun, spring colors she picked!

  6. Oh Happy Spring - it can't get here fast enough !!
    Love this fun pattern.

  7. love those colors!!! they make my heart happy :)))

  8. lovin' the bright colors, it looks so happy!

  9. I received your lovely pattern yesterday! Can't get over how fast the mail service was. Thank you for your speedy mailing it to me. Cheers from Venice, Florida. Susan

  10. Love it Cathy!!! Such great Spring colors! OLM


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