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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Trouble Adjusting!

Someone's having trouble adjusting to daylight savings time!  Yep... my diabetic pooch Smokey!  Here he is following me and peeking in the bathroom door!  He is on the old time clock that says it's time to eat right now MOM!!  I am trying to get him to hold off for at least another half-hour so everything works out with his insulin schedule.  He gets shots every twelve hours. When daylight savings time comes around each Fall and Spring we have to adjust things a little.
Anyone else having trouble adjusting?   I wish they would just leave the time alone and let us live our lives on one schedule.  
What did they do in days before electric and battery powered clocks?  Oh yea.... just thought of it now... better go in the dresser drawer and switch all my wrist watches to the correct time! 
And don't forget the clocks in the vehicles!  
What a pain!!

Happy Daylight Savings Time!!

Cathy G


  1. Oh dear Smoky, I to wish they would leave it alone, so confusing.......Happy Daylight savings time to you Cathy, Francine.

  2. I'm with you on the time change. Adjusting to the new hour comes gradually for us on the farm. We still get up at the same ungodly hour in the early morning and the milking is still on the cow's time. They will gradually adjust to the new schedule as times allows. I didn't even slept in the extra hour even though I needed some more sleep.

    Have a creative and productive week.

    Poor Smoky, maybe he needs to adjust slowly also.

  3. Hi Cathy, I am in the same boat with Winslow Homer's insulin schedule...and my girls...their coop light is now on a timer...as for me I quite enjoyed my extra hour of sleep, but darkness at 4:30 no so much!!!!

  4. lol! And here I though Smokey was adjusting to a new haircut since they went to the groomers recently... lol! It's easier for me to adjust to falling back than springing forward. The extra hour yesterday felt like 3 more hours... i got so much done with the "extra hour" mindset... Anyways... time to get this quilt top finished so I can get back to hookin'... Mr. Chill has a chance for this year! ;-)

  5. Hi Cathy,
    Oh yes, our kitty was an hour early since it changed...I didn't have the heart to cold turkey her so I fed her early - but will wean her off slowly to get her back on schedule - otherwise at this rate she will be eating more than she needs to cuz mama will give in and feed her AGAIN at some point...lol
    I don't really mind the time change - especially getting up to 'light'...I like that.

  6. I totally agree with you. I just wish it would stay one way. One good thing my animals think it is time to go to bed an hour earlier.
    The hardest part is trying to make myself stay up that hour at night. I hope your poor dog adjusts. I love the look on his face. So sweet.
    I think sometimes of moving to Arizona just to have no time change.
    Have a great week Cathy.

  7. poor little pumpkin I hope they get back on schedule soon.

  8. Bless his heart! Dasko always had a hard time adjusting to the time change. Their "eat" clocks don't change.lol

  9. Poor Smokey! I hope he is adjusting by now. Millie's schedule is off a bit too

  10. Going thru the something Here My dog has been on insulin for 3 years now and doing great... But she's a little off too... Gets dark and she it's time to eat lol...

  11. Awww, what a sweet face! I do hate the time change, it gets dark so early now; quite depressing! In the old days they ate when they were hungry and slept when they were tired and worked when they had light to see, sounds like a great plan to me! Deb

  12. What sweet little face! Hope she gets adjusted to her new schedule soon.
    I hate to change all the appliances and car etc..... clocks as well.

  13. Poor little baby Smokey! They don't use clocks... I am having difficulty this year--first time ever! Been waking an 'hour' earlier than my alarm--THAT is the hour we changed! Hmpf!


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