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Friday, October 25, 2013

Christmas A Little Early!

The light dusting of snow we had here a few days ago kind of got me thinking more along the lines of Christmas greenery and twinkling lights mode than Fall Harvest and pumpkins!  Yikes! Flurries and cold winds with below freezing temps brought out the ear muffs and scarves!  We've finished cleaning out the gardens and putting away hoses, water fountains and the last of the garden ornaments.  
 Indoors here at the Red House Wool Studio things are beginning to look a little like Christmas!

I'm not one to rush the seasons but in the retail business we are always pushing it earlier each year it seems.  The weather here certainly is!

I've been working on my little wool appliqué quilt which is going better than I anticipated!  I found some fabric that coordinates with the squares with the penny circles appliquéd onto them and I actually think it looks pretty nice!  What do ya think?  Did I make a good choice?

I've sewn all the squares together and put some batting and a homespun back on and now I'm in the process of hand quilting it all together!  Jill and some of my rug hooking students have had to give me some advice on the quilting part as I have never really done much of this piecing and quilting work before.   I am really loving it though!  Have to remind myself to get back to my rug hooking a little bit too.... I haven't neglected it completely....  you may have caught a  glimpse in the photo above of something I've hooked recently for the Christmas Season ahead!  More to come later on that!

I've had some inquiries about purchasing the pattern for the "Squared Up" wool appliqué mat in my last post.  If you left a comment on my last post and I didn't answer it's because there is no way to contact you if you don't have your email address listed on your blogger identification page.  Please think about adding this information so it's easy to contact you! 
I've decided to offer a few of  the patterns here on the sidebar for a limited time.  The cost of the pattern is $7.50 USA only please... plus .50 shipping.
Just use the Paypal button below the pattern on the sidebar!

Oh and don't worry... I haven't started playing the Christmas music yet!  For it isn't even Halloween until next Thursday!  

Cathy G


  1. I have never quilted, but that is my kind of quilt :) I would love to try something like that one day...
    Blessings, Patti
    p.s. Love the corner of the hooked piece as well ;)

  2. Simply beautiful quilt, time to get cozy here too, north wind a blowin, Blessings Francine.

  3. Hi Cathy, I visited Walmart this morning to purchase our Halloween candy. To my surprise Christmas trees were up, decorated and lit, yup you guessed it Christmas music was playing in the background....ugh...Love your sweet little quilt, I'm looking forward to seeing your lastest hooking project...Autumn greetings...

  4. Your quilt is looking absolutely fabulous!!! I hope you kept track of the sizes so you can pattern it up for us! :-) Love the Christmas hooked rug sneak peek too... yep... now you have me daydreaming about Christmas and snow...

  5. Dear Cathy you can KEEP the snow gurlfren!!!!!

    I can see why you had inquires about your pattern but what I can't believe is the NO REPLY blogger. People just don't understand they need to put an e-mail address when they join Blogger. Otherwise their requests cannot be responded to. I just had that happen to me again when someone wanted to buy a Santa. They inquired on my Blog Spot but thy were a NO REPLY Blogger. SIGH.......

    Have a great evening, good luck on lots of sales as your work is fantastic.


  6. Oh MY! I do love it! We have had some snow flurries here too... Working on snowmen and Santa's.. tis the season...no matter if we like it or not! Stay warm! OLM

  7. Oh my goodness! That is so sweet!! I came here by way of Cheri and I'm so glad I did!

  8. Hi, Cathy, your appliqué penny quilt is so pretty, and good for you attempting hand quilting! I can see a peak of the rug, does that say Christmas? :)

  9. I really like your little quilt Cathy. So pretty.


  10. My eyes just fell on that Christmas rug and I thought to myself," wow'' that's beautiful.I don't recall seeing that rug before. Why should I be surprised to see a new creation partly in the background?? There is no stopping that creative mind of yours...

    I can't even wrap my head around that you already had a coating of the white stuff. It must just be a pre season try out to see if Mother Nature's snow machine is in good working order. It really feels like Christmas at your house and I haven't had the time to set out the Halloween decorations this year. I'll by-pass Halloween and go right into Christmas this year. Halloween will have to wait till next year, been just too busy and it's been crazy around here. Three funerals in one week.

    Your applique quilt is just adorable and it looks like fun to put together.


  11. I really like how you designed that, beautiful fabrics and wools, too.


  12. I love the little quilt, the colors look fantastic together, that's an unusual combination, but it works!

  13. Love, love the little quilt !
    So nicely done. ;)

  14. good choice.....a beautiful little quilt!

  15. Yep, you found the perfect cotton fabric to go with those gorgeous pennies - this is such a fun project - love mixing the cottons & wools!

  16. Great project Cathy! You are so talented you can master whatever you try. White stuff falling already? Brrr

  17. Hi Cathy,
    Just love your little quilt with the pennies!! What a great combination!!! I have a drawer full of pennies, some stitched in sets, some all cut and ready to stitch for a penny rug that I have been working on for FOREVER!! One of those "to do" things that never seem to get done!!! I just need to go rent a cabin in the woods for two weeks, with plenty of food, hot chocolate, a nice warm fire, chocolate chip cookies, a bunch of old movies, and time to myself, and I think I could finally get it done!! Nice dream, yes??
    Hope you have a wonderful week and have a Happy Halloween too!
    Warm Hugs~~

  18. LOVE that quilt! Very nice! If I weren't in the middle of a couple of timed projects... Sigh... never enough time. will it be better if I ever retire? Me thinks not! Thanks for the inspiration! Hugs!

  19. These are too cute. I need to get back to working on a quilt.

  20. Secret to beautiful hand quilting is to keep your stitches small, even, straight,weather your going around a circle or in a straight line ,takes practice. You do beautiful work!


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