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Saturday, August 24, 2013


It's me!  I'm still here!  Although feeling a bit sheepish about not posting in such a long time!  You know how hard it is to finally post when there is so much that has gone on in life and you want to tell it ALL!  Well.... maybe not quite all! LOL!
Summer is nearly gone.... but this next week sounds like we're in for some super hot weather!  Time to turn on the AC and get to work in the studio!
I have been hooking a little bit and getting the studio ready for our Fall classes here.  In fact I have a few ladies coming next Friday( August 30th) for their first try at rug hooking.  The class starts at 1:3o pm and I could take a couple more students if you have been thinking about taking a class. Just shoot me an Email for more information.

Here is a rug I just completed and am getting ready to bind.  It is a quick design I drew up for something new to hook to get me motivated again!  I hadn't picked up my hook for well over a month this summer!  I needed a fun and simple design that would hook up quick!
  For some reason sunflowers call to me this time of year!
And punkins and blackbirds!
They all made an appearance in this design.
I had to call this rug "Big Sunflower".

I love them and they are so fun to hook!  "Big Sunflower" is about 19 1/2 by 22 inches.   I don't think I will be offering this pattern as a paper pattern at this time  but I will draw one up on linen for you if you should like the design and want to hook your own.  
Email me with your request and I'll send you a PayPal invoice.  
( The cost will be 42.00 plus shipping)

  I have some new photos of the shop to show you in my next post!
Now.... I better get to binding.
Talk soon!
Cathy G


  1. I wondered where you had been and what you have been up to. I think of sunflowers and pumpkins and crows too.
    I do wish I loved closer. I would be at your studio in a heartbeat. I finished the 1820 sunflower. Here is the link if you haven't seen it yet. In the picture the binding isn't done but it is now and hanging in my room it looks great. My husband wants me to hook another one in darker colors.
    He isn't a fan of primitive. :)
    Oh here is the link.

  2. this is SO pretty Cathy! ~ welcome back to blogland!

  3. Well Cathy, I thought that you were a lost hooker, lol... just kidding. I've missed you and I'm sure everyone else. You have been busy and and you have a wonderful new rug design to show for. Congratulations. I think that this is a winner. It's just perfect...
    I can't believe that fall is almost upon us and it time for hooking pumpkins and crows.
    Have a restful weekend.

  4. Love the pattern and those colors, Cathy! Just gorgeous, and very inspiring!


  5. LOVELY design and hooking! Well done!

  6. that's a great pattern, I love sunflowers.

  7. Cool rug!
    God to see a post from you.
    Hope your new classes go well.

  8. Morning Cathy...gorgeous rug!!!!! IF you didn't keep it for yourself it would sell great on PHM...
    I have not been around blog land for awhile either.
    If only it wasn't a 6 hour drive I'd be one of your 'learners'

  9. I like your new design and the colors you chose.


  10. yummy sunflower design Cathy! I love hooking them too...glad to see you back on the blog...

  11. Love your big sunflower rug, makes me ready for fall.

  12. Afternoon, loving that rug, great pattern, two of my fav's....Happy to see a post from you, Blessings Francine.

  13. Love your new rug! sunflowers, birds, & pumpkins - always a favorite here too! And such beautiful hooking!

  14. This is such a fun pattern. Very fall-ish :). And the colors you have used are lovely too.

  15. great pattern it is good to see you post again.

  16. Love your new design and lovely color choices !
    Glad you are back. ;)

  17. Hi Cathy,
    Love your rug so much......sunflowers are so happy looking!!
    Wish I lived closer so I could be one of your students! sigh!!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Warm Hugs~

  18. Another sweet fall rug Cathy! You come up with the cutest ideas. Have a wonderful holiday weekend. You need to go to Country Freckles and the Lodi shop! It's worth it!! big hugs, Lori


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