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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Long Lonesome Hallway

So the saga continues.  I hope I haven't ruined that song by Michael Parks for you forever!  LOL! 
The closet received a fresh coat of paint yesterday.  My photos are making the paint color look more green than the creamy yellow that it is.  It was paint I had left over from prior projects and is the color of practically all the walls in the house now.   The color is Burnt Candle by Dutchboy.  
My idea for redoing this closet has a threefold purpose.  # 1 to get rid of the ugly closet doors.  #2 to add some interest to this long, boring, useless hallway.  Well, I guess it isn't entirely useless.  One does need to travel it's length when accessing the bathroom, bedrooms and office.   #3 to find a home for this big cupboard in the dining area.  You can see the freshly painted closet to the right which is about 5 or 6 feet from the cupboard.

  So there you have it.  My bright idea... to move that cupboard into the closet!
Before you think I've  gone completely bonkers... let me show you the end result...

So what do you think?  Hubby still has to make some trim for the closet opening. He will be using the boards from the framework around the closet I tore off and ripping them to fit the new opening.  

I have a small collection of Redwing Stoneware pieces that have always resided in this cupboard.  The cupboard also houses stuff like recipes, pharmaceuticals, dishes and serving pieces not used everyday.... a few more odds and ends I like to keep handy but out of sight.  So in spite of losing some coat hanging space,  the cleaning supplies and the vacuum cleaner's former storage space,  I think I am getting used to the new use for this closet.
As with any change that I make around here it usually comes with a new set of issues to deal with.  
More on those later.

I will show you what was behind that big cupboard.

Like I said... a new set of issues.

How's your week shaping up?

Cathy G


  1. I like that!! I think it looks fantastic. I have a closet that bugs me like that and I hate the doors on it. That makes much more sense to do something like that.
    I like the color too.
    You have been so busy and I am glad I got to see what you were going to do, now, I am curious, what was behind the cupboard??

  2. I really like that idea of putting the cupboard in the closet. Looks great !
    I am guessing you have a door to a crawl space behind the cupboard ??

  3. Your cupboard looks great in that space !!! Maybe you need to buy another cupboard to put in the former spot ??? Tee Hee....always a reason to conceal more stuff !!!

  4. That is so great there! Gives me a few ideas : ) Thanks so much for your sharing.

  5. while I think it looks great I can't think of one closet I could give up the storage.
    you must be very organized and not a junk collector.

  6. Great idea that turned out so cute! Love it, Cathy.


  7. That certainly adds interest to the hallway. I love it!

  8. That cupboard would look good no matter where you put it! So what is going to replace it?
    Hugs :)

  9. I love what you did with the closet. It fits right in there and looks great. A smart move from a creative brain.
    Now we have to wait to see what other issue has popped up. You sure can hold our curiosity captive.

  10. Great idea !
    Will wait to see the "reveal" of what was behind
    the cupboard.

  11. As per usual when a creative woman gets an idea it turns out FANTASTIC!!!! Pat yourself on the back for this one,cuz it turned out GREAT!!!!!


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