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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Four Letter Word Returns....

Okay Mother Nature.... whatever it is that has your panties in a bind I wish you'd pull yourself together!
I mean c'mon.... look at the calendar for cryin' out loud!

Dave measuring precip. this morning.   7 inches I think he said.   A few minutes later he came in the house and said these exact words  " Hon... I'm gonna run down to the station for some gas for the lawn mower."   ...... Huh? He was serious...  He's home on vacation this week and had plans to get the lawn mower tuned up for the season....  I guess he is still going to get it tuned up but what he's planning on mowing is totally beyond my comprehension.

Life goes on here in the studio. I have four lovely ladies who plan to join me here this evening for their first rug hooking lesson!   My class of three last Saturday was very successful and they are busy now at home working on their projects.  Tonight's class I have a feeling is going to be a riot!  I'll try and remember to keep my camera handy.  When teaching it seems almost impossible to get photos and I never want my students to feel intimidated and think they might end up here on my blog.... which of course they would!  (tee hee :-)

And yes... I've started hooking a new rug.... a nice big one!  You may recognize the pattern. ( The pattern was a gift from my bff Jill!)  It's American Floral by Maggie Bonanomi.  The pattern is in the Needl' Love book "Summer Spirit Threads.   
Well got to go get my patterns for my class ready tonight and tidy up the studio.

I have two words for you Mother Nature and your icy sense of humor...

Cathy G


  1. Sorry about your snow...we have sunshine and grass that is almost ready for mowing...guess Ohio isn't so bad after all...love the pattern you're hooking, a long time fave...so glad your teaching is going well...so much fun seeing the hooking obsession bloom in others...

  2. Oh my, oh my...I can't even imagine what it's like to have snow late in April!
    I'm sure Spring will be there eventually! Great start on the new rug...and what a great pattern. Have fun tonight!

  3. How nasty! Wishing you bright sunshine, green grass & singing birds! Thank you for your sweet comments on my rug :) ~My Best, Kimberly

  4. How crazy snow! You poor thing, Your rug looks great!

  5. Cathy, Cathy, Cathy.......how horrible!! That is way more than a spring dusting. Maybe Dave is on the right track by getting the lawn mower out. Maybe it will change the weather karma :)

  6. Hi Cathy, well I think I will stop complaining about the cold air that has been here for the past few days, we have had to turn our logs and heat back on, by this time we are usually planting our veggie garden. I could not imagine that much snow at anytime, we get the most a couple inches a year. I know it must be really bad this time of the year when it is suppose to be spring and cutting the grass is the norm. Tell you hubby it will get here. We have had so much rain then really warm temps, our grass here is going crazy and I know there are flowers somewhere under all those weeds. Hope you the snow melts quick and your hubby can put that mower to use. Stay warm, maybe mother nature will look at the calendar. Vicky

  7. I am just in shock you would be having that much snow!!! We hit 92 yesterday!
    I think your husband is a wonderful optimist!!! That gives me just a nice feeling.
    What a way to look at life, when life gives you snow, put gas in the lawnmower. :) All that snow will be gone real soon.
    I think it would be so fun to have a class with you.
    Your new rug will be fantastic!!
    Have a lovely day, the snow is really beautiful.

  8. Cathy,
    We didn't get as much as you got but it still looks like winter here too. Rained today tho so it's going down slowly. Such a mess out in the yard tho. It was a good week to finish my rug, which I did! Have a great time tonight. Can't wait to see more of your rug hooked. Hugs, Lori

  9. Yuk, that is not even funny anymore....when is it going to end???? Loving your new rug, will be beautiful for sure, Blessings Francine.

  10. Hi Cathy, first let me say how much I like the rug pictured in your blog header, very pretty design and colors. I don't dare say the S word out loud, Mother Nature is apt to dump some on us!!! I mean enough already! It is cold here in Maine today, I have a fire going in the woodstove. Your husband and I have been on the same wave length, my aim was to begin painting the house this week, 32 degrees, not going to happen...I mean, hello, it's almost May for goodness sakes! Glad to hear you're busy with hooking classes, wish I live closer I'd be there!...Have a good evening, Julie.

  11. we have been colder than a witches knee here.
    wood stove most nights.
    but the s word would send me into a tail spin.
    good luck with your new class. I did the rug you are hooking now in a penny rug.
    I hope the snow melts fast.

  12. Cathy ~
    I love a spring snow because in Ohio it never sticks around more than a day or two. With the snow you've had this winter, I'm sure that is no consolation.
    Good luck with the class. I'm sure it will be a success.
    Hugs :)

  13. Sorry to see that all that snow hit your area. Gosh, I will cross my fingers that it will melt quickly. Love the rug you've started. I'm a big Maggie fan and I too am doing a patriotic project at the moment. Have fun with your class.

  14. Look on the bright side, it's clean snow and you can use those beautiful winter scenes for next Christmas.

    Seriously, it's a bit late for snow but I'm sure that you are not alone getting snow.
    My lawn mower is in need of a spring tune up too. I've been too busy to even post on my blog. How pitiful is that!

    You'll forget about the snow when the girls come to your class. Have fun. Well the class is probably over by now, lol... hope it was fun...

  15. You poor baby; sorry about that but glad it didn't happen here. Hopefully spring will arrive there soon.


  16. Crazy!! Sunny here but cold today..... Lots blooming and very green, so things feel very springy even though I need my coat and gloves! I guess it means more hot tea and knitting by the fire.....


  17. .....unbelievable !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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