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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mr. Chill... Sweeps and Charms on a Blustery Eve!

It's always a huge thrill for me when I get an email with a photo of a rug someone has hooked using one of my patterns!  Today I received this photo from Glenda B. in Trion, GA who has just finished hooking "Mr. Chill"!
She writes:

"Well here he is ! I have not began  the dyeing process so all my wool is off the bolt. With that being said that is why I was unable to do a light background like I wanted to, I just could not find any wool in my small stash that would work! This is my 2nd rug. it's amazing how this little man has such a personality, hopefully the next time I will have some pretty golden wool for a light background!"

Well Glenda, I think it's amazing how wonderful you have interpreted the pattern and for your second rug it's even more amazing!  I LOVE the dark background and the way you've hooked stars into the night time sky!  It goes to show with some creativity a person can hook a fabulous rug using the wool you have on hand.  It's always nice to have that hand-dyed wool so  most of us at some stage in our hooking careers dabble in the dye pots!  But it all comes in time and shouldn't stop one from hooking a rug with whatever you have on hand.  Glenda's rug is certainly a testament to what can be accomplished!

Not once, not twice.... but thrice!  
  Tonight I am starting to hook my THIRD  Mr. Chill rug! He's going to a home that is eagerly awaiting his arrival!  The pattern is drawn on the linen and I will be pulling some loops on it tonight!   What better way to spend a cold and blustery end of January evening!   I hear Dave throwing another log in the wood stove downstairs!  Fire that baby up!  I need all the heat I can get while hooking this chilly little guy tonight!  I hope mine turns out with all the charm and personality that Glenda's has!

Cathy G


  1. Mr Chill will surely look just as dandy as your first one. It's always nice having some proud hookers showing off their handiwork especially with you own designs.
    She did a wonderful job.
    Stay warm and dry Cathy.
    We're having another january thaw today.

  2. I love her mr chill. I am having a hooking block I can't seem to get going on my rug.

  3. Glenda certainly did a super job on her Mr. Chill rug !! But, gee, with such a cute pattern, how could you go wrong !!
    Stay warm, and get to hookin'...lol

  4. Cathy ~
    Glenda did a wonderful job on the rug, especially considering it's only her second rug! I really like the dark, starry background!
    Stay warm.
    Hugs :)

  5. What a handsome rug Mr. chill is, love it.....Keep Cozy, Francine.

  6. This is a beautiful and fun rug.
    Thanks for sharing !

  7. She did a really nice job on that rug. I think that is why I love hooking. Once you get over the fear and start
    hitting the dye pots for the colors you need it is just freedom.
    I love that pattern.
    Stay warm Cathy.

  8. I think this is my favorite banner yet Cathy!! We need some of what Mr. Chill has here..... SNOW!


  9. cathy, thanks for sharing glenda's rug with us! i agree, the dark background with the stars looks fantastic!! how exciting to see your pattern hooked by someone else, i can relate to this!! just after i finished rudi a friend from my guild asked to buy the pattern and i was thrilled!! she got it from me as a christmas present - i was so excited because it was the very first time that someone wanted to hook one of my own design and i would not allow her to pay me!! now i am waiting to see her interpretation!! hugs - d

  10. Glenda did a great job of hooking and must admit that her hooking skills are better than mine were at her beginner level. Thanks for sharing with us.



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