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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Sip of Nog!

(pattern by www.apieceofworkdesigns.com)

Again we wait here in northern Wisconsin for another snow storm to hit that's brewing in the west.  It's scheduled to hit here sometime tomorrow.   So today I had my Mom out shopping and to an appointment.   I stopped at the DMV and renewed my drivers license.  I don't know why I kept putting it off.  It bothers me and really that's just stupid I know.  The licence were expiring on Dec.22nd so I knew I had better get there this week.
Anyway..... they took my 34.00 and handed me a temporary paper that stands as my license until the real one arrives in the mail.  My mug shot didn't turn out too bad,  looking a little more wrinkled and mature since the last photo in 2004.  Eight years in between renewals seems like a long time.  My weight has actually gone down a few pounds since then too.  So the license renewal experience today wasn't totally depressing. 
Then we shopped for groceries.  Too bad I can't say the same for that experience!  I splurged a little and bought a carton of egg nog.  I've been eyeing and lusting after it during the last few trips to the market but today I caved.  Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas until a sip of the heavenly nog meets lips!

I have a couple of finishes to show you!  The wool applique in the photo above is a recent finish by Jill Holmes,  my partner here in the studio.  I LOVE the simple pine bough design with crazy quilt background!  Are'nt the  red birds striking!  Jill decided to finish this piece to be a wall hanging.... but it would make a darling pillow don't you think?  We have the pattern available here in the studio for local customers.

(pattern by Buttermilk Basin)

I finished my "Holiday Wishes" wool applique on cotton background.  I made it into a little pillow.   Gold tinsel garland around the edge adds a bit of sparkle.  I really need to practice my stitching..... so that is a goal of mine for the new year!
Are you thinking ahead to the new year yet?  I'm trying really  hard to live out the last few days in this year and enjoy them.  It's hard to find Joy sometimes as we endure the news around the world.... but I am determined to stay busy and keep my hands creating.  For in that I find joy...... and perhaps in a little sip of the nog!
Cathy G


  1. We have a storm hitting tomorrow too. So I also spent the day doing chores and getting just-in-case groceries. I suggest you put a splash of "something" in that egg nog ;)

  2. We are having some mild weather today and now the snow has started falling just now and the ground is all white and pretty. Good for you for taking your mom shopping before the storm. I did a bit of shopping myself myself today.

    Holy Moly, only $34. for a licence every 8 years. I paid $80. for four years in November. Having our pictures taken for our licence is now mandatory and no smiling allowed and I look like a criminal on my license.

    I love Jill's wall hanging and your pillow. Very festive.
    The only thing that I've been thinking about the new year is that I have to hang my 2013 calendars and take the old ones down and start doing some filing papers for the farm business. No fun...

    Enjoy your eggnog, I'm sure you deserve it the way you've been working.

  3. I guess you must know that I went shopping myself, hen?

  4. Hi Cathy, thank you for the birthday greeting and kind words. I see you too have a December birthday. Maybe it's just me but having a birthday in December has always made me feel special, perhaps it's the excitment and anticipation of the season. I love the little white wool tree and the added holiday touches. Love the pillow with the added tinsel, you have been a very industrious creative lady...Merry Christmas to you, may it be merry and white. Hugs, Julie.

  5. Cathy ~
    I'm with Kim. I think your nog needs to be made high test :)
    Great finishes!
    Happy birthday to you. I sure can't say that my weight has gone down since my last renewal :(
    Merry Christmas to you!
    Hugs :)

  6. happy birthday and merry merry christmas.....i love both the wall hanging and the pillow...wool applique is one of my most favorite things to do...i have a kit to work on in florida this year... and cant wait to get started....egg nog does sound good...i think i might have to go out and get me some...love your blog...linda

  7. those are both wonderful finishes!
    stay safe during the storms!

  8. Both of these finishes are beautiful! I'm starting to get addicted to the tinsel edge finish! Sparkly? lol! We just put our tree in the stand last night so looking forward to decorating it during the next few evenings.... then comes a few batches of chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies... yum! But yes, I have been thinking about next year.... always welcoming a fresh start! :-)

  9. I love both pieces of hand work. The next time I'm visiting my in-laws in Ashland, I am going to have to take a trip to your studio! Have a Happy Holiday, Cathy, and, when the New Year gets here, enjoy that, too! Sarah

  10. So do not want as much snow as they are calling for...a couple inches maybe but not over a foot!
    I have lots of water that we bought at Sam's Club and 2 loaves of bread - but didn't stock up for the storm...guess it's going to be a run tomorrow (if it hasn't hit hard by then.)
    Love your two new stitcheries -


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