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Friday, September 7, 2012

Born To Be Wild!!

Tomorrow is my 40 year high school class reunion.  Typing that ( the 40 year part) gives me pause.  For starters.... where did all the time go since I graduated in 1972?  Probably the biggest question after that is what has my life become and what will my classmates think?  To be truthful... I'm way past worrying about what my classmates or anybody else for that matter  thinks about me.   I have to say I'm very comfortable with what I have become.  And "God willing" I'm looking forward to what the years ahead may bring.  But every now and then my over active imagination likes to dream up scenarios of what my life could have been  like..... or who knows.... it ain't over yet!!  LOL!!

Maybe tomorrow instead of pulling in to the reunion rendezvous in my 2005 Ford Freestyle( with the damaged bumper that never got repaired after I backed into that telephone pole winter before last).... I could be pulling into the parking lot on my shiny red Harley-Davidson!   Wearing black skinny jeans and weighing 20 pounds lighter of course!  How about a pair of sharp looking motorcycle boots to go with the skinny jeans......

I'd be leaving on a tour of the USA .... saddle bags packed with my rug hooking gear.   Is there a  very tiny  collapsible frame out there?  Gene Shepherd should maybe get on that!  LOL!! 

At least at the reunion tomorrow I can tell them that I have become a "hooker" in the last few years!  That should raise an eyebrow or two!  

Seriously though I am looking forward to hearing what some of my classmates have been up to.  It is a very informal gathering and there is no program planned.  Just a few old fogies sitting around sharing stories and talking about the kids...... and grandkids.   Oh btw..... it's probably a good thing Dave and I never had kids.......


Cathy G


  1. Ha-ha-ha! What a great post!
    Yep, those visions of what life could yet be like can take some funky turns! I imagine myself hiking up steep rocky trails in the mountains and feeling like an energetic 20-year-old (as soon as I lose some weight!). LOL!

    BTW, I've told my son and DIL that at my memorial service I want them to play 'Born to be Wild'. And they better not put me in a polyester pant suit to be creamated either...

  2. Have a great time at the reunion.
    you'll be the coolest one there, even without the Harley!

  3. Now there is a great scenario. I could also picture you going to the reunion in tight black jeans and red stiletto boots and you might look the part.

    You'll have a blast at your reunion and I'm sure that you'll be one of those that outshine everyone.

    Don't forget your camera, have fun and give us a report of how it went.


  4. Cathy ~
    I bet you'll be the only hooker there :) Or the only one who admits it ...wink, wink.
    Have fun.
    Hugs :)

  5. Lol. But Cathy, you can find sexier biker boots than those! Have fun

  6. Cathy, where the heck does time go to? I graduated in 1975, just last week celebrated 34 years of marriage, and have a grandchild! Honey if that HOG is your ride, my hat is off to you. BTW, you are a mighty fine hooker too! Have fun at the reunion, greetings, Julie

  7. I would love to see everyones faces when you tell them your a hooker!!

  8. I am sitting here reading 40th reunion and think she must be older than me by a lot then I added it up holy cow you are older than me by 2 years how in the heck did I get so old?
    enjoy your reunion in what ever you decide to wear.

  9. Oh gosh Cathy, today is my 35th class reunion and I didn't go. I haven't been to any of my reunions and I've heard that most of them didn't have a very good outcome. Where do the years go???? I notice now that life is speeding by at the speed of sound for me. I don't like it. Funny how when you're young you want to be older and can't wait until you're 16, 21, 30 and then it hits you......you want it to stop at 30 and from 30 on the years fly by and now you wish they would stop!!! Our humans are never happy. Have a great time at your reunion. It's good to hear you say you're happy what you've become and who you are. I don't think I'll ever be able to say that. Have fun!!


  10. Cathy,
    I hope you have the best time at your reunion. I love that you say you are happy with who you are. I went to my 20th but haven't been back for any others. I graduated in 1975 like Julie. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when you tell them you've been hooking! Maybe I'll consider going to my 40th when it comes around. Have fun my dear and tell us how it goes! Hugs, Lori

  11. He fun and can't wait to read about the reaction from your classmates when you say you've been a hooker. Love the cute picture at the end of your blog! Adoreable!!!!!!


  12. LOL, Cathy! LOVE the baby biker!

    Have fun at the reunion...I'm right up there in decades, and have spent lots of hours on a motorcycle. I've abandoned it though...too hard to hold onto the hooking frame!!


  13. Have a wonderful time at your reunion and just enjoy.

  14. Hehehehehe....you made me laugh!!! I won't go to my reunions so good for you!!!
    Karen & the Hounds
    ps...just started hooking again, and it's a pattern I bought from you. Will take photos and share!!

  15. Cathy~ you made me giggle~have an awesome time~

  16. oh cathy too funny! i use to dream too when we lived in rapid city and the bikers came for sturges rally! then id hear from the back seat.. mom that lady doesnt have a shirt on! it was a fun time of year there! ya i think im moven up in the world becoming a hooker and all! hope you had a great time! enjoy your day!


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