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Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Time for a Winner........ Oh Gina........

It's time to find this little mat it's new home!  What a treat to have so many comments and emails about your color choices and preferences in mat shapes etc.!!  There are so many choices to be made when designing a rug as rug hookers know.  That's what I find so exciting about this craft. We aren't limited at all by color, style, size shapes etc.  From coasters to large room size rugs, purses, art to hang on the wall..... rug hooking embraces it all!!

To the many who are thinking of learning how to rug hook I encourage you to take action!  With all the tools you need available online and some nice instruction ( lot's of free instruction too I might add) there is no better time to learn!

I am saving all of your comments from this give-away and the many nice emails I received also ( over 67 of them!) in a notebook to read from time to time!  So very encouraging to me and when the blues hit on a cold winters day (or a nice day for that matter LOL!)  I will read your comments...... your gift to me for which I am grateful and honored to have you as readers and followers of my blog.  I think I'll have another give-away soon.... just to see all the new followers!  All you bloggers know the thrill of getting those followers!  It's a bit like hoarders...... except blog followers don't take up that much space!! :))

So now......... to the follower who will give this little mat and some added little goodies some space in her home is.........

Gina!  ....... Cat Nap Inn Primitives!   Clear some space for this little mat!  It will be coming to live with YOU!!  ( I will need your address sweetie!)  


The wool has been flying out in my studio this past week and weekend!  The photo above is a teaser for a little sneak peek!  I haven't even started cutting the wool yet for my class but that won't take long thanks to the new Mr. Townsend!   No students have signed up yet and it worries me a little.   That happened last time too.  Everyone waited til the last minute to sign up. 

Whatever happens I do have a Plan B this time.  It always good to have a Plan B right!?

Today I'm off to help my Mom pick out new carpet and tile for her basement.  Last week a water valve broke down there and before she realized the water had flooded the living area and ruined the carpet. It all needs to be replaced.  There is always something it seems that comes along and keeps me away from my work in the studio.  Oh well..... I guess I'm the good daughter. 
Congrats again to Gina! 
And Thank-you all for participating! 

Cathy G


  1. Cathy~ thanks for a wonderful giveaway!!
    Congrats to Gina~ going to a wonderful home~

  2. Congratulations to Gina ~ lucky duck!!! Glad you're lovin' your new Townsend ~ there's nothing like it!!

  3. You are the good daughter and Plan B's are always a good thing!!!

  4. Woo Hoo for Gina!!! Big Congrats! What a delightful win!! And big thank you to you, Cathy, for hostessing such a wonderful giveaway! Smiles & Hugs to Both! Robin

  5. congrats to the winner! I can't wait to see more of your sneek peek

  6. Congrats to Gina and thank you for such a generous giveaway Cathy!!!!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  7. Congrats to Gina, thank you so much Cathy for hosting such a fun and generous giveaway! Hugs Mary

  8. Hi Cathy!

    Gina is a very lucky gal to win that sweet mat! I just love the look of your blog.... I think I tell you that every time I check in, but the background with all your fall wool is so gorgeous! Thanks so much for checking in with me. Tammy or I need to send you some Missouri hedge apples. The color is so divine!

  9. Belated congratulations on your purchase of a Townsend cutter! It is the very best and worth every penny! Has fall started in the Northwoods? I wasn't able to get to Wisconsin this summer and I miss the smell of the pine trees.


  10. Oh good for Gina, she'll be tickled pink:-) You read those comments 'cause you're deserving of each and everyone of them. I can tell from reading them myself you are a very talented and kind child of God. It's so nice you are able to be there in your momma's time of need:o) Bless you.
    Thanks for a funtastic giveaway!

  11. Hi there Cathy..I just sent you an email..oh my gosh..am I ever excited..I am "hooked" on these rugs..and yours is wonderful..thank you again for picking my name and making my day.;)

  12. Congratulations to Gina! (love that name..reminds me of a song by Johnny Mathis) I'm sure your mat will find a perfect spot in her home.
    How sweet of you to keep all the comments to read at a later date. Nice idea for the dull days of winter.
    And you "are" a good daughter :)


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