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Monday, March 7, 2011

Ten Hookers Hooking!

This is a very quick post letting you know the second session of my rug hooking class was crazy great!! I cannot say enough about what a wonderful group of ladies I have been blessed with for my very first experience of teaching  rug hooking!   There are a couple of students missing in the photo.  I think April got cut off the pic and Patty couldn't make it that night.
Those attending and letting their creative abilities soar were: Mary, Dee, Francis, Betty, Eva, Nancy Jean, April, Jamie, and Cora.  I had to quickly take a couple of photos as I was busy helping and flying around the room!   Wait til you see what wonderful things were being done for first projects!  I was astounded at what simply giving them the wool, a hook and backing stapled to a frame what each student designed within a five inch square!   More photos to come as they progress!

I am making progress too on the new little ditty I designed last week.  I'm using hand torn strips for the background and number eight cut for the flowers and tongues.  Slipped a little hand cut strip of Terra Cotta color into the tongues.  It's going really quickly and hopefully will have it ready to steam and bind. This will part of the class Wed. night.

Now I have to put my mind and hands to work deciding how to handle and keep the momentum going for all of these ladies to continue on and be the great hookers they are destined and want to be!   Obstacles or should we call them challenges will be to find cutters, frames and wool.  I have irons in the fire  for some of it and still working on outlets for other things!   As Spring slowly approaches here in Northern WI ten new  hooker chics have been born!  They will need nurturing and tender care and a steady diet of hand dyed wool!  Lets hope this old mother hen is up to her new challenge of caring for her brood!



  1. Sounds like your class went really well! Can't wait to see some of their projects. They're so lucky to have you for a teacher!

  2. Hehehe! I have this vision of all of them sitting around going peep, peep, peep, please feed us wool!!!
    I'm so glad you have a great group of enthusiastic ladies ready to learn from your wonderful hooking experience.
    Oh, Cathy! I knew you'd be a success!!!

  3. Aawww,
    Sounds like a barrel of fun...
    If I lived closer, I'd be right there peckin' you to death too!

  4. How awesome for you!!! I love the little chicks analogy....and your the mama hen!! How great!

  5. I'm so pleased for you! You know, all the little details will play out. They'll be happy to scout out the necessary equipment...ebay, craigslist...they're hooked! We know that one can limp along cutting strips by hand, buying the beginner's kit, bumming wool off your mother hen...until you dive right in and start dropping real money. ;-) Kudos to you!!

  6. Cathy ~
    Sounds like your class is going great, but I knew it would! Sure wish I could be there...sigh!
    Hugs :)

  7. oh I wish I could join in. It looks like so much fun.

  8. Cathy, you are reaping what you sowed. I'm so glad for your success. You are a great teacher and so dedicated. Enjoy your success because you deserve it. HUGS. JB

    Looks like your off to a really GREAT start in your new job as awesome teacher,besides being an awesome hooker!!!
    Loving that new flower rug!!!
    Teach away ,My hooker Friend!!!!

  10. The rug is coming along beautifully!!! Your students/ladies look like they are so into it, so interested & creative!!!

  11. Congratulations, Cathy! I am sure your students have all caught your enthusiasm. Cannot wait to see what they hook.


  12. Hey Cathy,

    Your lucky ladies look very focused. Did you provide the frames with the stapled backings? That's a wonderful way to start versus a hoop, which I think is virtually impossible for a new hooker to work on. I end up letting my students try as many frames and hooks as possible before sending them out on a hunt. But there's something about getting good tools right from the start, isn't there. Why begin with a handicap, I say.

    And don't worry, once you have them "hooked", you will come up with lots of ways to keep them with you - either on individual projects or one common one.

    I'm sure they will love whatever you choose.

  13. Oh, how I wish I could be in your class. I've only taken one class (with Deanne) and to learn more and be around all that hooking energy would be good right now. I've missed my hooking these last long months. Hoping to get back to it soon.

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