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Monday, January 10, 2011


Did a little embellishing to the wool crazy heart today.  Practiced the blanket stitch,  french knots, the flower thingy stitch ( the proper name escapes me.... anyone?)  

I'm having too much fun with this wool applique and stitching!  I know I should be hooking and dyeing wool.   This is way too much fun though!

I am just happy to be creating.  I think it will lead me back to the hooking track sooner or later!  

Cathy G


  1. I believe the *flower thingy stitch* is the lazy daisy stitch. Very cute wool crazy heart! I also think wool applique is lots of fun.

  2. Oh, I do like your "Mr. Chill" rug hooking pattern and also the color palette you chose. It seems lately I have been making little progress in the rug hooking department, I need a some inspiration. It just might be with the snow storm that is heading our way I'll make a little time to just sit by the fire and hook! BTW great job with the applique.

  3. Cathy ~
    VERY SWEET :) I love how you added your initials.
    Hugs :)

  4. It keeps getting better!!! WOW!
    This frigid weather is driving me crazy and it's nowhere near as cold here as it is where you are. We just haven't had much snow yet. Some is predicted for tomorrow, though. A good day to sit by the fire, drink coffee and hook.

  5. Your crazy heart is really great!!! As long we're creating ~ that's the important thing! I have many days when I don't do anyting creative at all ~ but I will be so grateful that there is office work to do!!!

  6. Cathy, I really love how you embellished your applique heart. I love, love it. What a great job you're doing. JB

  7. I agree with all of the above. I love what you have done to the heart. Keep up the good work and the hooking will start up again.

  8. Oooooooh! I liked it before, but love it now!!! YOu're stitching is fabulous!!! Play some more! :-)

  9. I too just thought it was great before. But with the embellishments, it's even greater! Such sweet touches to it, and the colors are sooo me.
    So glad you are having a good time with the stitching. I may have to get my book of stitches out and start thinking outside my own box. thanks for the inspiration :)

  10. love it... and your work looks perfect...

  11. Your stitchery is simply beautiful! Such precise stitching. Have you seen the "Wool Crazy" book???? There's 2 of them out now. Really great books.

  12. BTW, I have no affiliation with Pumpkin Patch - I'm just sharing.

  13. oh I love it! I want to do that but I need one more project not! thanks for your visit. It wasn't snowing when I went to the dump but maybe it wouldn't have mattered.

  14. Such a beautiful job.So very pretty. I really like your blog. Glad I found it.

  15. Honey this is reall very pretty. I am happy your creating too. Just makes a body feel better doesn't it.
    I started writing again and wow how it helps me.

  16. I love this piece. And isn't it fun to stretch in a different direction every once in a while? You'll bring all that new energy back to your hooking when you return. Good for you.

  17. I'll keep the kettle on and you make something scrumptious in the kitchen too...
    Your 'Wool Crazy Heart' is looking GOOD Cathy...
    I know it's gotta be a lot Colder where you are BUT it's surly making up for the times we haven't gotten our share of SNOW here. We also broke some records this year for amount in one time, I personally would rather break some OTHER type of records...

    Stay Warm...


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