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Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm Out Weeding But Please Come In!

Herb Garden Rock
If you've been knocking at my door here lately and no answer, it's because I've been out back weeding. All the weeds in my herb gardens were spared last year when Mom got sick on Mother's Day. They grew blissfully and arrogantly choked some of the poor little herbs that couldn't quite figure out what was going on. This year it's different. The chives, thyme, sage, and other's that I've forgotten their names are smiling and sneering at the pile of weeds along side their bed. The weeding still isn't done. Oh goodness no. Is it ever?
planter Box Cat/mug rugs
I took a little time to plant a window box on the new front deck with some perennials dug from the garden. The geometric sunflower mug rugs are all hooked and waiting for the binding. Most things manage to get done around here. If not this year, then maybe the next.
I have a little exciting news to share. May 7th I will be participating in a local Art Show at the Dog Dance Art Studio and Gallery. I think I am the only fiber artist but not sure. I'll be posting about this soon! Please keep knocking!

hooked mug rugs,geometric rug hooking pattern


  1. Waaaaah!!! You put me to shame! You are getting so much done!
    Looks like when spring comes to Wisconsin, it comes fast and all at once. We still had a few early mornings in the mid 30's but I think that's supposed to be over now.
    Love those bright and cheerful little mug rugs! What happy colors!
    Congratulations on being in the Art Show. I like the name! Will Matt and Smokey be dancing while you are hooking?? LOL!
    Hugs!!! May the sun shine on your day!

  2. Hi Pat!
    It's been freezing about every night here too for the last week. I have been dragging plants in and out every night! It's getting old! The Dog Dance Studio is also Smokey and Max's groomer so as much as I would like them to dance they usually try and run out the door as fast as they can!! LOL I can't wait to show you pictures of her place and the show! It is really creative and different! Hugs and warmer weather in your direction as well!!! Cathy G

  3. That is great new. I can't wait to hear about it. I love the mats you have made the colors are just great. I love the cat and flowers in your window box. How whimsical.

    Enjoy the show and best of luck to you.


  4. Loving your cheery coasters and your windowbox! Keep us posted on the show....how EXCITING!

  5. cathy, i love your little squares, sooooo my colors!! i have been thinking of you and i was chuckling while working in my kitchen producing a ---- green sink, hahaha!!
    enjoy working in the garden and good luck for the show! people will love your work!!

  6. Congratulations on the exhibit. Take lots of pictures for us. Your mug rugs are darling!


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